Rent Control Eviction

Feb 25

Assuming your property is within a rent control jurisdiction there are two types of categories under which a landlord can eviction a tenant in a rent control property.

As a caveat, rent controls covers all residential units except single family dwellings and units built after 1978.  Each area may have additional requirements or exceptions so its based to check with your area.

In the first category, tenants may be evicted for non payment of rent, breaking the terms of the lease, causing a nusiance, using the property for illegal purposes, refusing to renew the lease on similar terms, refusing to allow the landlord reasonable entry into the property to inspect or repair, or if there is a different person in possession than who rented it.

The second category requires the landlord to get and serve special papers from the local city Housing department after providing the basis for the eviction is valid.  These reasons are:  The owner’s family member or a new manager is moving into the unit, the unit is no longer going to be a rental, the property is condemned, or HUD is selling the property.

Any eviction following into the second category requires the landlord to pay the tenant $3450.00 relocation assistance (or $8550.00 if the tenant has minors, a legal disability, or is over 62 years of age).

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